Contao Manager 1.5 available

On February 17, the latest version of Contao Manager was released to allow the installation of Contao 4.13 LTS. Now it's time to examine on the new features.

Adjustment of the partner program

The Contao partner program has existed in its current form since 2011. To better meet today's requirements, there will be some long-awaited adjustments this year.

Contao 4.13.0 is available

Contao version 4.13.0 is available. The release includes new features like layouts for subpages, front end preview links, canonical URLs, preview images for documents, database backups via command, improved overview of deleted records, a maker bundle and much more.

Contao Two Month Review November and December 2021

Today we take a look back - this time not on the last two months, but on the entire year of Contao in 2021.

Composer and Contao for the Rest of the World

Composer gets faster, way faster. How Yanick, Jordi and Nils managed to achieve this and how any of it is related to 30 soccer fields full of trees.

Contao Two Month Review September and October 2021

In this short article, we will spend our time with a deep dive into the Contao universe.

Recap of the first Contao Core Developers Meeting 2021

Every year, the Contao Core development team meets twice for a short code sprint of three days.

Contao Two Month Review July and August 2021

In August we welcomed a new Contao version.

Contao 4.12.0 is available

Contao version 4.12.0 is available. The release includes new features such as extended locale IDs, a guests group, an improved Markdown element, centralized JSON+LD management, support for Twig templates and Symfony 5.3, and more.

Security updates on August 11th, 2021

On Wednesday, August 11th, 2021, we will release security updates for Contao 4.4, 4.9 and 4.11.